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At Stac Polly we love our charcuterie and are proud to work with East Coast Cured as our supplier. With shared values of local provenance and sustainability, we combine to create truly exceptional quality on your plate.


Our Scottish charcuterie is cut, smoked, cured and slow-matured by hand, using the best of European tradition.  Stac Polly is pleased to offer you our current selection:



Red wine & garlic                                                                                             £5 / individual

The original, seasoned with red wine, garlic and black pepper 



Fennel                                                                                                             £5.50 / individual

Our version of a typical Tuscan finocchiona salami, seasoned with fennel seeds, red wine, garlic and pepper 



Crespone                                                                                                         £5.50 / individual

Belly of pork is combined with sweet spices to create this elegantly textured salami.  Our take on a north Italian recipe 



Chorizo with bourbon & cascabei chilli                                                             £6 / individual

Our interpretation of a Spanish favourite, this chorizo is bursting with flavour.  Seasoned with a secret blend of spices, a few herbs, a wee drop of red wine and bourbon – our chorizo packs a punch! The loin of the pig is slow-cured, diced and then combined with the other ingredients to produce a wonderfully authentic texture 



Nduja                                                                                                               £6 / individual

A fiery Calabrian classic, with a Scottish twist – belly of pork is combined with sweet and hot la Vera paprika before being cold smoked over Scotch whisky oak to create this soft and ‘spreadable’ salami 



Lomo                                                                                                               £6 / individual 

What the Spanish do with the loin of the pig.  We cure ours with sweet paprika 



Assorted sharing platters are available in two sizes:

Regular                                                                   £12

Large                                                                        £24