The Brasserie on Dublin Street


Allergens Menu

Small Plates

Pan fried king scallops | sea weed | smoked salmon butter 

(Molluscs, fish, dairy, sulphur, gluten) 

Gin cured gravadlax of sea trout | potato frittata | beetroot | horseradish crème fraîche  

(Fish, eggs, dairy, sulphur)

Red onion and oregano tart | caramelised feta cheese | fig balsamic  

(Sulphur, dairy, eggs, gluten)

Filo parcels of haggis | fresh plum & red wine coulis  

(Gluten, eggs, dairy, sulphur)


George Bower fillet of beef | watercress salad | Arran mustard

(Mustard, sulphur)  

Pan fried king scallops | sea weed | smoked salmon butter  

(Molluscs, fish, dairy, sulphur, gluten) 

Fillet of sea bream | gazpacho salsa | asparagus | tomato and Sherry vinaigrette  

(Fish, sulphur)

Slow cooked game casserole | baby onion | smoked bacon | spring vegetables 

(Sulphur, celery) 

Roasted aubergine, cumin and black pepper | crisped chickpea | coriander and lime relish | yoghurt and tahini dip  

(Sulphur, dairy)


Rocket salad, Parmesan shavings  (Dairy)

Green beans, mustard seed and ginger  (Mustard)

Skinny French fries  (Oil contains genetically modified soya-beans)  

Sweet Potato fries    (Oil contains genetically modified soya-beans)  

Dauphinoise potato  (Dairy, sulphur)  


Selection of George Mewes cheeses (x3)  (Dairy)  


Vanilla pod crème brûlée, peanut butter cookie

(Sulphur, eggs, dairy, gluten, peanuts)

Warm white chocolate sponge, cacao nibs, clotted cream 

(Eggs, gluten, dairy, sulphur)

Strawberry and lemon cheesecake, pistachio crust  

(Gluten, dairy, eggs, sulphur, nuts)